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Helping Your Dog Feel At Home

Let your dog enjoy nature and the outdoors like a real dog. At Riverside Pet Ranch, we provide individual care for our guests. Customers in the areas surrounding Dallas, Texas, love bringing their pets into our kennel and boarding facility.


Regular Outdoor Time

If your pet needs exercise, our play area will keep them busy and work out any pent up energy. Riverside Pet Ranch ensures your dog will be active during scheduled outside time. They will love walking the trails on our secure, wooded environment. We provide 20 minutes of private time with your dog. We'll personally walk your dog around the property. Most dogs enjoy a great game of fetch. Our staff will happily toss a ball and Frisbee™ around for your pet.

Group Playtime

Dogs are pack animals, and it's important for them to socialize with other dogs. Our group playtime service is available with your consent when your dog stays at our ranch. If your dog passes our socialization test, they can play with other dogs of similar temperament, size and play style. If your dog does not pass our socialization test, they will play outside 6 times a day on his or her own with a staff member.

Ensuring a Comfortable Stay for Your Dog

In order to help your pet feel more at home, we provide soft dog beds for them to sleep on during their stay. If your dog chews soft bedding provided by Riverside Pet Ranch, you will be charged for the cost of the bed. We also allow you to bring up to three toys from home to our kennel. Please label these items clearly with your last name and your pet's name. Please be advised we cannot guarantee the return of these items.

Catering to Your Pet's Needs

We understand your pet may have medical and dietary needs. We ask that you provide us with clear directions as to how much and how often medications need to be given. Please provide us with your dog's vaccination information. When you bring your dog's food, please portion each meal in a Ziploc® bag and clearly label the meals with your last name and your dog's name.

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